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As a well-rooted Turkish company that has paved the way while operating in the non-alcoholic beverages industry since 1930, we are moving with sure steps towards becoming a global brand in the beverage industry. Since the day we were founded, our primary fundamental principles have been quality and food safety. For instance, we do not use fructose in any of our products, despite it being cheaper, in order to manufacture products that are high in quality and more flavorful. Instead, we use crystallized sugar derived from 100 percent sugar beet.

In keeping with the Turkish Food Codex and the pertaining legislations and rules, our top goals in all of our processes, from securing raw materials, auxiliary materials and services to transporting the manufactured product to the final customer are:

  • Offering healthy products to meet our customers' current and future needs and requests,
  • To use all of our resources effectively,
  • we support approaches that will enhance performance and creativity with our approach that seeks perfection.

We care about the education of our employees and operate with team spirit in order to achieve food safety as well as an effective and continuous system for quality management.